Why 50 Should Win The Trip To ASW 2012!!!

For those of you that don’t know me my name is Julian Hooks. I have actually had the pleasure of meeting Shoemoney when he was in Tampa for the BlueGlass TPA Conference.  I can’t tell you where we actually met but here is a clue…Anyway during our conversations Shoe kept referring to me as 50 Cent and so a nick name was born! As you know I’m entering a contest that includes the following:

  • A platinum pass to Affiliate Summit West.
  • 2 nights hotel accommodations paid for at host hotel.
  • $500 Airfare Reimbursement.
  • $2000 to gamble on 1 hand of blackjack (can you handle the pressure?).
  • Roll with me at Affiliate Summit.
  • A pass to the Epic Advertising Playboy Mansion Party this fall.

Here is my list of reason why you should vote for me!

1. I’m 50 Cent! That should be enough right there…

2. I found and brought Casey Anthony to justice on my own terms! Batman/Vigilante style!

3. I party hard… Ladies

4. I’m not afraid to swim with the big sharks in the industry.

5. I RARELY party too hard… or is there such a thing?

6. Did I mention I’m 50… and I get money!?

7. I am a serious affiliate and need to network with the best!

8. I’m not all about partying, I can be very professional when the time calls for it.

9. My Little Sister Says So!

10. Seriously, I want this more than anyone else, trust me!

In Conclusion

Affiliate marketing is such an amazing business opportunity. The entry into the market so extremely easy and the overhead is damn near nothing if you’re willing to put in the time. I’ve had the luxury of living off of my affiliate income for about a year before I started seeing some turbulence. I put all my eggs in one basket and and then Google slapped the sh!t out of me! Although losing almost all of my affiliate income sucked, I learned so much from this hurdle. I learned about varying traffic sources, diversifying your niches and promotions, collecting your own customers, and building a real business. Gone are the days when I threw up cheesy Clickbank product pages and spent hours article marketing. Now as I work full time for someone else, I also put in full time hours building my first (real business) affiliate site that will one day rival the brands they promote.

I owe a lot of the knowledge and ambition I have to Jeremy Schoemaker. I’ve been reading his blog for over 5 years and have been able to absorb a plethora of internet marketing information. I can only wish to have half the success he has had in the space. Me being able to join him at affiliate summit will undoubtedly be one of the biggest and most memorable steps toward the success I desire. Thanks for your time…

Merry Christmas!!!

Here is a video taken at my office Christmas Party.


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